The Legend of Hazar Lake and Hazar Baba


Hazar Gölü or Hazar Lake is one of the most important lakes from Elazığ, Turkey. Do you ask yourself, where is Elazığ? Well, it’s a small city on the Eastern part of Turkey, a very conservative and religious place. I’ve lived there for 3 months and there I found out the beautiful legend of the lake and the Hazar Baba (baba (tr.) = father) mountain that rises above Hazar Gölü.

Hazar Lake and Hazar Baba

The beginning

It was a starry night in Elazığ. I and my friends got advantage of this and we decided to go to Hazar Lake to admire the beautiful landscape at night, share some stories and enjoy a good cold beer (it was a very hot summer night).

Once we got there, we spotted the perfect place for our chill and friendly storytelling night and we noticed that the sky wanted to surprise us by transforming itself into a storm of shooting stars. It was the perfect place for a romantic date, to declare your love under the moonlight, accompanied by shooting stars. I will let you imagine this for couple of second and then, I’ll move to the story of the place […]

[…] I think we can continue. So, the whole picture was absolutely stunning and having the right people around you, made it an unforgettable experience and a must share the story.

One of my friends decided that it’s the perfect time to tell us the legend of Hazar Lake and Hazar Baba. Be aware, this might have a very powerful and emotional impact on yourself! If you think you are ready for this, you can continue reading.

It is a love story (of course), but it’s a very beautiful one!

Once upon a time, there was a lovely princess that lived on one side of the lake. She was smart, young and beautiful and she almost had the right age to marry. She was the only child, so her father, the king, wanted the perfect husband for her: a rich and influent man. Of course, he didn’t know, that his daughter already gave her heart so someone else.

On the other side of the lake, lived a boy, not very wealthy or coming from an influent family. He was a poor and normal boy that fell in love with the wrong girl aka the princess. But he didn’t feel that he was poor and not worthy because he had the most important thing that he could ever have and that was the love of the princess.

The king will never accept his princess to love someone coming from a poor family. He considered that people coming from an inferior social class mustn’t be allowed to love or live as they want to, they must be slaves and serve the high class. The deeply disgust that the king felt for this kind of humans, is very hard to be described.

The princess and the boy knew that their love is forbidden and if the king finds out, the boy will be sentenced to death. But they couldn’t stay apart for long and they found a method to see each other in secret.

Every night, the boy was standing on his side of the lake waiting for the princess to show up on the other side. The princess had to sneak out from the castle, go to her side of the lake and light a candle, so the boy can see where he can find her. This was their way to find the way to each other. So, every night the boy was crossing the lake by swimming and they could be together for a couple of hours until the sunrise.

The plot thickens

Such dedication, huh? Tell me whom will do such thing for you nowadays? Sorry for interrupting this story with my questions and ironies, but really now, can we still find this kind of love?

Anyways, back to our story. Prepare yourselves, the plot is coming!

One night, the princess was seen by a king’s spy while she was sneaking out of the castle. She was followed by the lake and the whole process of lighting the candle and sitting there in one place looked a bit weird and without any sense for the king’s spy until he saw a boy swimming his way to the princess. He ran to the castle and told the king what he saw.

With his mind clouded by rage, the king decided that he has to do something about this. He found a reason and grounded his daughter and made sure that the princess won’t leave the castle that night and he went by the lake, light a candle and stayed there for a couple of minutes.

The boy saw the light and started swimming towards it, but at one moment the light started to move, so he changed his swimming direction and again the light started to go the opposite way and the boy started to swim according to the light. And so on and so forth, the light was changing directions and so the boy, until the boy couldn’t go further anymore and drowned.

The next night, the princess went by the lake and lighted the candle and waited until the sunrise, but the love of her life didn’t appear. And so the next day and the next day and the next day. With her heart broken and full of doubts and worries, the princess believed that the boy fell in love with another girl and had forgotten her. Until one day, she was in her room and she heard some whispers. When she got closer to the door, she heard two servants talking about what her father did to the boy. With her heart broken, she went to confront him and she cursed her father to live with the blame of murdering her love and to relive every single day that moment. So her father turned into a mountain, above the lake. Now known as Hazar Baba.

The End!

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